Individual Reflection about „Spring Semester Calendar“

Already the brainstorming was an exciting process. Our goal was to create something individual that is not a 08/15 program from the Internet, but one that even generates a benefit.

Since our group consists exclusively of internationals, we thought together about what moved us especially in this semester and whether it could be integrated into a Python program. When we thought about how quickly the time had passed away at TEC, we came up with the idea of programming a calendar for the upcoming semester.

This calendar should not only contain the semester start and end, but also the exam phase and holidays, which the student can use for weekend trips.

It was also our goal to implement a function that prevents an invalid date entry. In order to make the program as simple as possible, we have created a list for the number of days per month in the coming semester. This list enabled us to assign the number of days to each month just once.

When we were almost finished with the project, we thought again about an exciting feature that could bring us a special personal benefit and would set us apart from a classic calendar. We agreed that it is exciting to know at any time in which phase of the semester you are currently in. In order to do this, we programmed another function that shows the student the days he has spent at the TEC so far and the days he has left, as the time at the TEC went by faster than we could have imagined. With the help of a loop, we determined the current day of the year and then calculated the phase of the semester.

Programming in a team was a lot of fun and opened a new perspective for me. To a certain extent, each of us has our own strengths and this can lead to synergy effects that produce particularly good results. When programming on my own, I sometimes had the problem that I got lost in a problem. By working with other team members, I was able to solve any problems much faster.

One of my particular strengths would be my ability to think logically, but I still tend to be too much in my tunnel and forget to look left and right, so working in a team makes a lot of sense to me.

All in all, the project was an exciting experience at the end of which I was able to reflect on and apply the knowledge I had learned.

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