• My first experience with Python

    18. August 2019 von

    … was three years ago when I was on Tioman, Malaysia. I spent the night in a simple wooden hut on the beach and had a visit in my bathroom at night.

  • Individual Reflection about „Spring Semester Calendar“

    14. November 2019 von

    Already the brainstorming was an exciting process. Our goal was to create something individual that is not a 08/15 program from the Internet, but one that even generates a benefit. Since our group consists exclusively of internationals, we thought together about what moved us especially in this semester and whether it could be integrated into… Weiterlesen

  • Wrong Input 😦

    10. November 2019 von

    One of the simplest way to check if the User Input is validate is using a Loop. You can use try and except until you get some validate Input:

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